Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bangladesh a busy outfit

Well Bangladesh may not have been successful in drawing crowds to the stadium. Nor they might have been able to make betters have their say atleast as of now. Last but not the least, Bangladesh are one such team to have made life easy for teams who reserve all their experimentation to the matches against Bangladesh. One has to really pity the Bangladesh for this. None of the Bangladeshi players have been chosen for the third edition of the Indian Premier League atleast as far as my knowledge goes. I've heard somewhere that Bangladeshi players were in for an IPL bid and have not been able to keep a focus on that.

However, Bangladesh are one such team to have had a busy schedule in the early parts of 2010 whatsoever. It has not even been a week since the second test between India and Bangladesh got over with India as usual beating the hosts 2-0 in the two match test series. Now, they are scheduled to play their first and only T20 match on their tour to New Zealand. This would be followed by their 3 one day internationals starting on February 5th at Napier. Following that would be the only test match against the same at Hamilton on 15th of this month.

This would be for the month of February. After their tour of New Zealand, they'd be facing England for two test match series that would be followed by 3 one day matches and of course a T20 game to wind up their tour. However, if the ICC tour's table is given a close look at, Bangladesh will be the only team to have completed three of their full fledged tours in the first three months of the year. Of course, there has been Australia who would have played games against Pakistan, West Indies and New Zealand. But, none of them can be considered as full fledged tours.

The tour of Pakistan to Australia started in December last year, which will get over on Friday after the only T20 game gets under way. Then, West Indies' tour to Australia started in December, where West Indies played three tests. And, there is India who'll be playing South Africa who'll be in India for 2 test matches followed by three one dayers, before the IPL starts. But, that is not the case with Bangladesh. When most of the teams would be playing for the cash rich IPL, we can see Bangladesh cooling their heels on their international commitments. Anyway, the move can be justified, for, hardly the presence of Bangladeshi players would make any difference to IPL.

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