Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why not something different in IPL III?

Well the third edition of the Indian Premier League is about to start and in the next month by this time, it would have already been four days past since the tournament would have begun. However, as usual this time also all eyes are set on the IPL and the excitement is never bound to decline atleast in a couple of years from now onwards. But, what would be the fun without any new aspect in the tournament that cricket fans would be looking to from the start of every year. New year atleast in India since 2008 is not celebrated on 1st of January like in most of the nations but is celebrated on the day the first match of the IPL kicks in.

All this considering that IPL happens every year. On the first day of every new year, the count down for the IPL of that particular year begins. Since 2008-the year the first edition of the IPL was launched, the nature of the tournament is the same even in its 3rd edition as well. It is the same eight teams from India that competite for the championship title and also some mind blowing cash awards. Like in the 1st edition, all the teams play each other twice and that is followed by 2 semi finals and a final that is obvious with every series.

If the mega tournament conducted by the ICC viz the ICC world cup, the T20 championship and the ICC Champions trophy is considered, there as been a regular revision in the format of the tournament after every edition. Until 1983, it was the Prudential world cup played only at England and then in 1987 the Asian continent was given a chance to host. Then, color dresses were introduced since the 1992 world and then came the introduction of non test playing nations and the concept of quarter finals in the Wills world cup 1996. The 1999 & 2003 world cups had super sixes so that no team crashes out due to lack of fortune in the only team it faces.

In 2003 WC, there was a slight change from the 1999 edition, wherein points from victories against non qualifying teams would be carried over to the next stage i.e the super sixes. In the 2007 world cup, there were four groups with 4 teams each and 2 from each would qualify to the super eights so that no team crashes out due to lack of fortune. So has been the cases with the ICC Champions trophy which started as a knock out tournament and a 2nd chance is being given in today's versions. But, this has not been the case with the IPL. Some changes that I would suggest are that there be three finals so that a team gets optimum chance to win the title. There be not more than 2 games played per day so that one get to see all the games. And finallyintroduction of a couple of more teams would be just ideal.

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