Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Does ICC Want To Finish Off U-19 WC in a hurry

Well the seventh under 19 world cup is on its way with as many as four matches namely-West Indies vs Pakistan, India vs Afghanistan, Ireland vs South Africa and last but not the least Canada vs Zimbabwe about to make a start on the first day itself. One has to really wonder as to why does the ICC want to finish off the mega event in a span of just 15 days, with four matches scheduled everyday and obviously at four different venues. The final of the tournament is scheduled on the 30th of this month, with as many as 40+ matches to be held inbetween.

It is really fascinating to see some new teams like Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and United States of America (USA)who are yet to make it to the senior world cup that is held once in four years making a mark in the U-19 world cup. United States and Hong Kong have made it to the international arena previously as well, the former in the ICC Champions Trophy 2004 and the latter in the two editions of the Asia Cup in 2004 and 2008. Though there are hardly any takers for the matches involving the aforementioned teams, one fine day, they can be considered to take the game of cricket forward.

Is it because there are no takers for these matches that the ICC is scheduling these games in such a tight schedule or is it because that the ICC wants the U-19 players concentrate on some other issues may be outside the cricket world. The major world cup the is held once in four years spans over two months, with the players from all the major cricketing nations having a year round schedule excluding their domestic tournaments and the IPLs. Even the lesser events like the ICC Champions trophy and ICC world T20 that are held once in every 2 years spans slightly more than 15 days.

Whatever be the case, there is no cricket tournament that hosts four matches daily. The maximum that has been hosted in a single day is three, with one game involving only minnows. It is just not understandable as to why 4 matches are held simultaneously. Is it the lack of viewers who watch these games? T20 world cup hosts 2 matches daily unlike 4 in U-19 WC. I wonder as to how come the TV channels who have bagged the telecast rights of these matches can show the viewers the match of their interest. Can anyone of you readers of this blog give me an answer for "What other commitments do these U-19 players have other than this U-19 WC?".

With so much loop holes that the ICC is not bothered about despite things being clear, it looks that the ICC just wants to finish off the U-19 world cup as a formality than ancourage the yourgsters take to the game of cricket.

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