Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Lot Of Conclusions On Kotla

Well after the fifth and final one day match between India and Sri Lanka was abandoned owing to bad weather light pitch, not only have the cricket fans reacted but also the cricket board committee regarding the future of the stadium. The conclusion has that far effect that the ICC is considering about revising the plan whether to host the world cup matches in 2011 or not. I bet the ICC would not have even come to such a conclusion regarding canceling the matches that were to be held in Pakistan in such a hurry. It was only after the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team that the ICC finalized its decision on hosting the world cup matches in Pakistan.

Earlier to that, teams namely Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa backed out from traveling to Pakistan owing security reasons that was quite obvious and natural. Even that couldn't shake the ICC from canceling games to be held in Pakistan until the March 1st incident happened at Lahore. Neither did the ICC cancel matches that were scheduled in Sri Lanka when there were fears of LTTE attacks. But, it has been less than a week since the Kotla one dayer was cancelled and ICC starts doubting the matches that are scheduled in Delhi though the ICC has not yet come to a decision regarding the scheduling.

On the other hand, the BCCI was found to take a quick decision on the chairman of the grounds and pitches committee- Daljith Singh, who also accepted not to have gone in for trials whatsoever. All things coming to light only after the damage has already been done. Moreover, we hear that the ICC has slammed the Kotla pitch in November during inspection related to the world cup 2011. Finally, when it was termed all over last Sunday when the referees came out saying that the pitch lacked bounce and was not suitable for international cricket, everything from the past is highlighted.

One has to really wonder as to how come the match lasted for 23.3 overs, meaning almost half the Sri Lankan innings was done with before the play was called off. I remember the Antigua test between England and West Indies earlier this year that was called off owing to a similar pitch related issue that lasted just 10 balls before sand started erupting from the bowling crease. One had to wait till Tilekeratne Dilshan encountered a blow on his fingers to stop the play and call the pitch dangerous. With such slowness evident, the pace lies where it shouldn't, when decisions started wagging with regards to a tournament that would be held almost after a year and a half from now.

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