Sunday, April 5, 2009

Would This Be Indeed Return Series For The Proteas?

Well the ongoing one day series between Australia and South Africa is termed to be a return series between the two countries. Meaning, this series is the return of the Australian side to South Africa after the Proteas had their tour of Australia late last year. But, there is something more that this series can offer, which would justify the term "return series" that the series is referred to as right now by cricketing experts. The series has so far done exactly the opposite of what happened in the previous encounters between these two countries late last year. That is really fantastic.

If our memories are well intact, lets recall as to what happened in the last encounter between Australia and South Africa when the Proteas had their tour to Australia. First comes the test series where South Africa defeated Australia in the first two of the three test match series to take an unbeatable lead in that series, with Australia clinching the third one to take home a consolation victory if not a series win. The same thing happened to South Africa this time when Australia are on their tour to South Africa. Australia won the first two tests and the remaining inconsequential test being capped by the Proteas.

Then comes the T20 series which similar to the T20 series between Australia and South Africa on their tour to Australia had two T20 games. Both the T20 matches were won by South Africa, which was exactly opposite to what happened earlier. In the previous tour, Australia had won both the scheduled T20 matches against South Africa and now it is the turn of South Africa. Now the one day series is going on, with two of the five matches of the series already over. And as expected by me, both the one day matches that have got over have ended in the same manner. The series is now levelled 1-1 between the two countries.

This after South Africa handed a crushing defeat to Australia, by bowling them out for 131, from a stage where Australia were once at 19/5. The way the game was played might say whatever. But, the result is exactly opposite to the earlier one day series between the two countries. Even in the last series, Australia had won the second one day international after South Africa had pocketed the first one day match at Melbourne. May be the second encounter in that series was a close encounter wherein South Africa came too close to winning the match, which this time around it was a clean sweep for South Africa, wherein Australia were nowhere in the game.

So, if Australia can win the remaining three one day matches, this would be the best climax and can surely be called as the return series between Australia and South Africa.

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