Monday, April 6, 2009

India Versus Weather?

Well all tongues have started wagging in the favour of team India as favourites to win the test series against New Zealand in New Zealand may be for the first time in the history of Indian cricket if the experts are to be believed. And this looked pretty obvious and is still looking the same despite some or rather frequent disruptions from weather that is trying to play a spoilsport at Wellington. And even if rain or weather gods prefer New Zealand over India, the result sheet would still read "India have won the test series against New Zealand 1-0". The only disappointment would be due to the fact that despite fighting so hard a 2-0 result could not be achieved.

Had it been some two or three years down the lane, in the sense when it was either Rahul Dravid or Sourav Ganguly who were captaining the Indian side, even a 1-0 margin would have bought up smiles of joy on the faces of the Indian players. Because, that was all that the then Indian team under Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly or even Anil Kumble for that matter could do. But, that does not seem to be the case with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Ever since he has captained the Indian side, the worst result he could expect was a draw. A loss to M S Dhoni is still far off I believe.

Ever since Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken over from the shoes of Anil Kumble, or even earlier to that, the team has been not only victorious but also in a dominating position in every department of the game and in all three forms of the game too. The worst series result for M S Dhoni being the 1-0 series win against England where the second test ended in a draw. Otherwise it has been 1 out of 1 against the Proteas, two out of two against the Aussies, not two out of two against the Kiwis as well. Compared to Dhoni's, if Dravid is placed at the other end, his tally reads 1 out of 3 against England in 2007, 1 out of 4 against the West Indies in 2006 and a win in South Africa only to lose the 2nd and 3rd test.

Likewise, Anil Kumble has had successes like 1 out of 3 against Pakistan late 2007 followed by 2 draws against the Aussies in the B-G trophy in the tests which he captained. Well lets not go to the days where Mohammed Azharuddin and Sourav Ganguly had captained the team. The weather is found threatening to see a 1-0 result for Dhoni as well. This being evident from the days 3 and 4 where play could not be completed as per plan. In case the weather behaves to be neutral, like the umpires on the field, then 2/2 for Dhoni thins time is already carved on stones. But, will that really happen? Lets wait and watch.

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