Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Crappy New Zealand Side

Well this has become the fate of most of the major cricket playing countries may be since the introduction of the T20 format of the game and more so after the introduction of the devils of the game namely the IPL and ICL. None of the teams are found to put up a good performance for, their national side, the money that it offers is equivalent to a tip that either ICL or IPL offers. If not for Australia, South Africa and India, no other team in the world is today found playing good test cricket. If not, there was no reason absolutely for New Zealand to take the visitors for a ride at Willington.

Not only this, but New Zealand weren't even able to make the second test theirs despite having a 200+ run lead, wherein New Zealand could have even imposed a follow-on. The test went on to yield a null result when all the eyes were on the New Zealand team. The lag that India sufferred in the first innings of that test hardly matterred the Indians who were then under Virender Sehwag. As an Indian cricket fan, I should welcome that. But, as an avid cricket enthusiast, no. It was India who emerged the winers in that game, for they escaped from the jaws of defeat without any pressure upon them whatsoever.

That is a forgotten issue now. However, in the on going third and final test at Willington, the result seems obvious on the second day's play itself, where the New Zealand team crumbled like a baked cookie. It is just funny to even think about a team of the caliber of New Zealand to have had such a disastrous tour and that too being the hosts. The only cheers that the New Zealand team can boast about is owing to the fact that they didn't lose the first test by an innings but only by 10 wickets. The margin of victory being reduced and in turn the woes of the New Zealand team.

And the third test that is ongoing is giving hints of a 2-0 victory for Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men. Whether India deserve the victory or not, Vettori does deserve to be on the losing side. It looks likt the motivating factor that the New Zealand team had in the 2007 world cup has gone away with Stephen Fleming. If the scoreboard cites the 9 wickets that India lost on day 1, the fact of 345 run on the board was also equally true. But, still, if Vettori deserves a pat on his back for getting India all out for 379, what has Vettori got to say regarding his batsman's debacle, who could pile up just 197 runs on the board? Now, the lead being 233, the match is bound to end on day four itself, taking into account New Zealand's first innings score.

Was this the way test matches were used to being played until the introduction of IPL and ICL?

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