Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Positive Signs Shown By West Indies

It was really good to hear that West Indies had won the second and final test against Sri Lanka at Trinidad.And also,it was like as though I was hearing a joke that "West indies beat Sri Lanka"..ha ha ha atleast there is some maturity in West Indies cricket.But,for Sri Lankan cricket??

If both are taken considering their test performances,I don't think Sri Lankans are way behind the out-of-form West Indies.For,they can win only with the presence of spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan.Though there are likes of Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardane-both of whom can see their team through with their batting performances,nothing is complete without the likes of Murali's spin bowling-who is a nightmare for most of the Western cricketers,who fear to play spin.

And even the West Indies were not this weak in test cricket,with the batting great- being around.Though not a formidable team,it is to be noted that that they used to lose with atleast some face saving work done by Brian Lara in most of the games.After his retirement,the West Indies team was all the most lost I can say.None of today's West Indies batsmen have the courage to take the team forward.Even the likes of Ramnaresh Sarwan & Shivnarine Chanderapaul.

After the second test against Sri Lanka-which West Indies won comfortably,I feel the West Indies have a ray of hope to get back to their winning ways.But,they had even won a test match against South Africa.only to lose the second & third.

With the tough tour against Australia coming up shortly,though a West Indies win is out of question at the moment,lets hope for a decent performance by the West Indies,reminding the world of their test status and their world dominance,decades ago.

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Jrod said...

I think the West Indies could be new Pakistan.