Monday, April 7, 2008

The Famous Indian Cricket Tradition Continues AT Motera

I guess everyone would have been upset over team India's hopeless performance against South Africa at Sardar Patel Stadium-Motera.Well the result was worth the disappointment.Well thats always the case with the Indian cricket team.It would be good to spot some stupidity in Indian cricket,when there was a pat on the back for Irfan Pathan for being the top scorer in the first innings where India were bundled out for 76 runs,rather than screwing the batsmen for not having done well.And also some consolation for not getting into the record books for the wrong reasons by settling for a score of less than 75 (India's previous best total,when seen from the bottom).All these were highlighted by the commentary team out there.Its a real frustration that the team is congratulated even on such debacles.

There's a saying "Some things never Change,what-so-ever".And one such thing is the team India in cricket.One good performance shadows the entire series,owing which,the rest of the series is rather forfeited without any good tough fight.The team which saw a batsmen scoring the fastest triple hundred was also found to witness one of the fastest batting collapse-losing all 10 wickets for a score of 76 and in just 20 overs.The scores of the Indian batsmen resembled telephone numbers,except for Irfan Pathan & M S Dhoni.

If all of you fans were delighted over watching the batting display in the first test at Chepauk,I wish one even take a look at the South African innings which was also full of delight from the blades of Hashim Amla,A B DeViliars and so.That was the only kind of pitches where someone like Wassim Jaffer likes to bat on.

And one more point is that,when everything was blamed regarding the pitch for India's batting debacle,it is a pity that the Indians had no bowlers in them to exploit the same like the South Africans.And when it comes to praising Sehwag for his wonderful batting display in the first test,no pitch was considered.Does the pitch change every three hours?And especially if it is India who is at the receiving end?

Finally,weather India wins or loses is a different issue altogether.But,it would be a positive sign if the team(coach & captain in particular) stop blaming each and everything that comes their way rather than putting a better performance in the next.

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