Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh! What An Upset?

My eyes couldn't just believe it!It was as though the curse for the Lahore Badshahs reached its peak on Sunday night,which put an abrupt end to the much awaited cheers by the crowd out there who had all come there to cheer the well deserved Lahore Badshahs who were thought to emerge as ultimate winners of the trophy.But,sadly that was not to be.

Despite a 5 wicket haul by Naved ul Hasan and the match ending up in a thrilling tie,there were 6 balls without a batsman at the other end to decide the fate of the Badshahs.No doubt!The match was between the top two teams of the tournament, with each of them having lost only to each other and outperforming the rest.But,my vote was always for the Badshahs,who were a balanced team unlike the Heroes-who had one or a couple of match winners and were found to succumb under pressure. This was evident when Abdul Razzaq was found to bowl 3 no balls costing 4 runs in the last over of the first finals-when Lahore Badshahs needed 12 runs of 6 balls with 4 wickets in hand.

It is the second instance where the man of the match went to the losing side in case of a T20 tie,after the famous bowl out between India & Pakistan in the inaugural T20 world cup.

And one more thing that I could find was that the second edition of the ICL was much better than the may be last five editions of ICC world cup,which saw minnows like Bangladesh,Zimbabwe,Ireland,Kenya and even the West Indies making it big when compared to teams like India,Pakistan South Africa...some due to politics(as in case of the Zim v SA in 1999 & SL v Ken in 2003),some due to under estimating their opponents(like Pak v Ire & Ind v Ban in 2007,WI v Ken in 1996) name a few.

If fans could turn up to support these ICL games,there could be no doubt in having an exciting game of cricket ahead in future.Wat Say?

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