Saturday, April 12, 2008

A funny Episode Of ICL?

With the Edelweiss 20s getting recently,its really amazing that the world championship of the Indian Cricket League has already begun in less than a weeks time taken since the Edelweiss 20s got over.I really wonder as to what the plans of these people are.Its too much 'n' too much of cricket being played.No doubt,the planning of the series is just perfect.But,what about the timing?

And adding to the fun is that even this time the matches are being scheduled in Hyderabad which was also one of the venues for the recently concluded Edelweiss 20s challenge.And a world series getting over in a weeks time?Oh! My God!It can never get worse than this I believe.How come the name Indian Cricket League,which is believed to be a private cricket board in India consists of teams like Lahore Badshahs?And in the recently added world series,one can see teams like World XI and Pakistan XI.Then why the name Indian Cricket League?

Well it looks like these people are trying too many things at the same time.Their thinking what I can correlate with is the way a wild boar runs without thinking of the consequences.The series which is now under progress is none the less like a triangular series consisting of teams India XI,Pakistan XI and the world XI.A world series consisting of only three teams?Ha ha ha...

The previous series' that were concluded recently were of some maturity when compared to the ongoing one.Atleast there were a lot of options,a lot of colours,lots of teams competing out there....lots.

All this is happening for the reason that the rebel League is newly launched and lacks experience despite the presence of players like Kapil Dev heading.It would be nice if the Indian Cricket League stops this massive experimenting which would at times lead to disappointment and also flop shows.And much before the fans write 'em off..

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