Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Because Of Brendon McCullum!

Well the last night witnessed the inauguration of the inaugural IPL T20 competition.All was Ok..but the way the first encounter between Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Kolkata Knight Riders according to my opinion didn't go upto the mark.If not for the mind blowing innings of New Zealand wicket keeper-Brendon McCullum,none of them proved their worth on the field.

The way the others members of the Kolkata knight Riders except Brendon McCullum fought it out there,the rest viz Ganguly,Ricky Ponting and David Hussey had nothing to prove.If McCullum's innings was sidelined,the score was something nearer to the 82 posted by Bangalore Royal Challengers.Even if the 73 balls utilized by McCullum was taken into consideration,can it be said that a similar innings would have been put up by his replacement?

The body language of Ganguly,Ponting and David Hussey showed no signs of any enthusiasm.For the cheap bowling of the Royal Challengers-who were without their trump card in Dayle Steyn and Nathan Bracken,something better was expected atleast from Ganguly and Ponting.Not to forget the drop catches of Ganguly.

And coming to the second innings,the surprise being that the top scorer in the team being an abstract.The innings consisted of 19 extras,one more than the top score by Praveen Kumar-who scored 18.Rest of them being in single digits.This can happen only in a T20 game.What Say guys!!!
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