Monday, April 21, 2008

A Better Match to Follow

After the first match debacle in the opening encounter involving Bangalore Royal Challengers,there was some relief in the second encounter involving Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings.For both the teams out there were found to show their powers,if not for the fact that there can be only one winner for a match.Both teams crossing the 200+ mark showed some maturity in the game that was totally dominated by batsmen,which witnessed the fastest hundred in the history of the game by Mike Hussey.

If not for the likes of Indian skipper M.S.Dhoni,rest of them could boast of having a strike rate of excess of 150,with two out of six having their strike rates of 200+.Well like I always do,this time i have got nothing to complain about.Because,the T20 competition is most (if not all) about belting the ball.And if this is not to be,does someone expect the audience just to come out there and watch the batsmen ducking each and every ball they face?Had it been so,the T20 would rather been called as a reduced version of 50 over ODI.

Even in the second innings,5 out of six (if Irfan Pathan is taken to be a bowler), batsmen could post strike rates of excess of 150.Well,at the end of the day,it was atreat for all the fans,in addition to the delight of watching the dancing girls out there.So,thanks people for giving us a beautiful match.

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