Monday, March 17, 2008

England:Gearing up For The Next Ashes?

In the morning when I picked up the newspaper,I just turned to page 21 of the times to read about the second round of ICL.But,I also found something special that bought delight in my eyes.That was England's test win over New Zealand.

The two teams met each other after a span of almost four years,after whitewashing the touring team 3-0 in England.One of the strongest oppositions then,England had white washed New Zealand 3-0 during its last tour down under,but after the Ashes victory, England were totally relieved until they lost 5-0 in the next Ashes to be reminded to the depth they have fallen.Next came the 1-0 series loss to India at home followed by the same result against Sri Lanka.

But after the second test win by England,it looked as though there was some hunger to win more test matches by England,when they beat New Zealand by 126 was then that I came to know that even England can win test matches outside.Well with the next Ashes due in England,keeping in fact Australia's dismal show in the recent series against India,it looks like England have a better chance now than compared to in 2005 of beating the Aussies provided they keep up the winning momentum as it did in the second test against New Zealand.

Well,a better picture of England would be clear after the third test against the same on March 22nd.

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