Monday, March 17, 2008


Well since the beginning of the year,most of the news that was being made in the recently concluded commonwealth bank series(probably even more than world cricket) is the "RACISM".With Harbhajan Singh calling Symonds the "M-Word",Hayden calling Harbhajan "an obnoxious weed",Hogg reffering Kumble & co as "B!@#$%^s"....

The most funny thing of them all being "the M-word" supposed to have been called by Harbhajan by Symonds.Some things have to be noticed by cricket fans over the word that has something to do with racism & the names of Englishmen.Some of which that I can highlight over here are:

1)The former Australian captain "Mark Taylor"->pronounced as "Mark Tailor" does he stitches clothes?or is he a scar?

2)Ian Bell->What about him?Does he have a habit of ringing at regular intervals?

3)Umpire "Billy Bowden"->Ask some hindi speaking person as to what does "Billy" stands for in hindi?

4)Zimbabwean "Flower" brothers->Do they show cast themselves in gardens?

5)West Indian fast bowler "Franklyn Rose"->Does he appear in six different colours?

For the sake,even the players from the sub continent are also not spared when it comes to funny names.We had players like "Contractor" and "Farook Engineer".Do they take part in constructing buildings?

With this page length being limited,some more examples that I can give is "Woods", "Dominic Cork","Craig White","Brian Lara","Ian Bishop","Malcom Speed","Nick knight","Guy Whittal",Umpire "David Shepherd"and much more...

Looks like none of the match referee so far had got a note on their names.Like the dress code being made compulsory for players,after strict laws being enforced for players making rasist comments,I think that even players with funny names will be banned from playing cricket in the near future.Ha Ha Ha....

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