Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some Nonsense in ICC Rankings!

For all those dudes who were fed up with the Australia's dominance in world cricket, there was some good news and a relief as well.The reason,as every one knows being that the Aussies have been stripped of their top spot in ODIs as per the latest ICC ODI rankings.

And guess the team to have achieved this feat!Yes,it is South Africa.And this happened at the cost of India.Well thats another issue altogether.But,how many of you guys agree with the latest ICC ODI rankings?And even a few of them who would raise their hands will have to think once again,especially after reading this post.Try it out!!

Taking the recent performance by both the teams,first the Aussies who have lost a home series to India.And on the other side,we have South Africa who have won ODI series' against West Indies (5-0)and Bangladesh(3-0).Both of them being whitewashed.I doubt weather there is any test playing team that would find facing the West Indians difficult,or Bangladesh for that matter?And much to their delight,the Proteas did the feat against West Indies at home.While Australia lost a series to a decent opposition in India.

But,it is something welcome luck for South Africa,in contrast to their unlucky world cup campaigns every year."GOOD LUCK SOUTH AFRICA "

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