Thursday, February 28, 2008

South Africans pay The Price...

Well,the team which had faced humiliations in the ICC World Cup 2007 at the Carribean was found to have forgotten its lessons once again.Nevermind,the Bangladesh team is always there to remind that.isn't it?

Once again the Proteas faced the danger of losing a test match to Bangladesh during their first test at Dhaka.Though the match was won by South Africa,a win that should have come by an innings was only a mere 5 wickets.Unlike New Zealand which whitewashed them earlier this year-where the match got over in just three days and both the matches being won by an innings.

Though Bangladesh dosen't claim to be one,its oppositions always prove it to be a strong opposition.Even the Aussies got carried away by taking Bangladesh lightly and came close to getting defeated in the test at Fatullah (where Bangledesh had taken a lead of 157 runs )until Gilchrist came to the Aussies' rescue.A 1wicket win by Pakistan way back in 2003/04 just showed that no team in the world could be taken lightly.

The World Cup matches in 2003 involving Sri Lanka & Kenya,1996 WC Match between West Indies & Kenya,Ireland vs Pakistan and India vs Bangladesh in 2007 WC once again showed the price to be paid by the teams that take their opposition lightly.And much to their information,the same South African team had to accept defeat from the hands of the same Bangladesh in the super eight match of the ICC WC 2007 which would have almost ended their hopes of winning a cricket world cup.

This is not the performance and attitude that is expected from the team that is ranked fourth among test playing nations.If this is their attitude,come on ought to face India shortly who are riding high after their recent success over Pakistan and Australia.

Come on South Africa.........When will you learn???

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