Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Easy Way To The Finals For India?

Its a rare feat that we seldom come across in cricket.A knock out game for both the teams,in which one of the team gives a charitable donation to the other.Yes,this is exactly what happened in the 11th match of the Commonwealth Bank tri series involving India and Sri Lanka.The match which was supposed to be a thriller was gifted by the Sri Lankan team to its subcontinental rivals.In anyway,as a Indian I'm really happy.Chak De India!

But,as far as a cricket fan,I'm really disappointed.A meagre score of 179..My goodness.. Even the great Sri Lankan inform batsman Kumara Sangakkara-who has so far been the top scorer for Sri Lanka in the series,with 315 runs from 7 games at an average of 52.50 was found to struggle with the bat for the first time in the series.

So far the team which made it to the finals of the ICC World Cup 2007 in the Carrebian was found to struggle only against the Aussies.But,even an average team like India(without most of the experienced there in the team) was found to trouble the Sri Lankans.An amazing fact of the tri series is that the Sri Lankans have so far in 7 games could score only one single team total of beyond 200(238 in the Adelaide One Dayer ).HOWZZAAAT!

Well-the Sri Lankans never deserved a berth in the finals of the C B Series.

A fighting spirit even after a loss to the same came for much appreciation from the fans all over.But this time,I'm sorry..The Sri Lankans were found to have given it up even before the match had begun I believe.A minnow team in Zimbabwe four years down the lane were found to put up a better performance compared to the Sri Lankans this time-for they came to grab a close encounter on two occasions against India(one in Brisbane and the other at Adelaide) and one against Australia(At Adelaide).

The same team two years down the lane were found to put up a tough fight against the same,winning three out of four matches against mighty South Africans,followed by an upset win over Australia in the first final of the then V B Series.

A little bit of effort from the Sri Lankan part would have made the competition seem like one .But...After the dismal performance by the Sri Lankans throughout the series,the series is no better than a bilateral series involving India and Australia.


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