Tuesday, February 26, 2008

End Of A Formality!

This post refers to the fifth and final ODI match played between England and New Zealand at Christchurch.A golden opportunity was once again lost by England to level the 5 match series,after the fighting tie at Napier on Feb 20th.The English batsmen once again showed us that they are hardly interested in playing decent cricket.

A disappointment was the factor that none of the English batsmen were able to put up a score of 50 or more.The highest run scorer in the England team being the no 7 batsman Luke Wright.The next success was from the blades of opener Alistair Cook-who took 70 balls to score 42 runs.And the rest of the English batsmen just followed suit.

A delightful innings in the England batting came towards the end of the session when Luke Wright blasted 47 off 42 balls that included 2 fours and four sixes.And one more delight of the innings being Dimitri Mascarenhas who belted the New Zealand bowling towards the end to score a 12 ball 29 including 2sixes and 1four.But,still ending up with a modest total of 242.

Any target imposed by the England team was welcomed by the New Zealanders, especially after the first four ODI matches.The English bowlers were not at all under their hit list of their(New Zealand's)batsmen I believe.No trick was found to work out for the English bowlers as the big hitting Brendon McCullum was found to be in a punishing mood altogether.The man once again belted 77 off 43 balls that included 5fours and 6sixes,including a 103 run opening partnership along with Ryder.

England were never found to be in the match from the beginning of the series.All that they could afford was a role of being an onfield spectator,just clapping their hands at whatever good work that was done by the New Zealand team.It was like there were 11 ball boys dressed in Blue uniform on the field.

I think the England team are still in the 90's arena where even a score of 250 was considered to be a decent one.When there are more than ten scores over 300+ being chased down,it looks like England are still in the belief that a score of 250 would be enough to challenge the opposition.Or is it that the English players have forgotten about winning matches after their recent T20 and ODI losses?

With the rain interfering inbetween the match,the England bowlers were relieved I believe that the match got over well before the stipulated time,providing the English players to take a tour of Christchurch.

But still guys!All is not yet over!There's still the test series to come.So lets look out for some good action from English players in the cricket at which they are good.An ODI win being out of question for the England team as of now,atleast let there be a performance similar to the Ashes 2005 from the England team before the fans give it up...

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