Monday, February 25, 2008

Aussies Not At Their Bowling Best...

Well,the 10th ODI match between India and Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground witnessed some brilliant batting from the blades of Ricky Ponting-who scored his 26th century to become the second highest century scorer after Sachin Tendulkar (41),Adam Gilchrist-who belted 15 runs from 7 balls, Hayden(54,62b,5x4,1x6) and Andrew Symonds(59,49b,6x4,2x6).

Though being from India,I enjoyed each and every shot played by Ricky Ponting and co..The shots from these Australian batsmen were worth some praise because they all came against some decent Indian bowling of especially Ishanth Sharma.The Aussies were found to time and place the ball in the gaps frequently.This is what batting is all about.Australians deserved to have put up a score of above 300.

But,comming to the second part,ie the second innings of the match-Indian batting,it was all praise from Ravi Shastri and Wasim Akram for Indian batting especially for Robin Uttappa and Gautam Gambhir after the match.Yes,Gambhir did deserve tons of praise for his 113(119b,11x4,1x6).The man was left to bat with India losing four quick wickets in Sehwag,Sachin,Yuvraj and Rohith Sharma.

But,comming to Uttappa's innings,it was not at all the talk of the day according to my opinion.The six he hit off Lee's bowling was a replica of one of the shots hit by Pakistani slogger Shahid Afridi.With hardly any shot selection,feet movement and balance.The man was once again found struggling when it came to decent yorkers. This was showed by him when he struck his second boundary off Clarke than was short.

The reason why India could manage to be in the game is solely because of the indecent bowling of the Aussie bowlers-who were found to bowl too short,giving the Indian batsmen enough room outside the offstump and bowling no balls that even tail end batsmen like Harbhajan Singh and Irfan Pathan were comfortable batting.

I would suggest those who praised Indian batting to take a look at the Australian bowling.One instance what I can show is the 48.1 delivery bowled by Bracken which was a bye four runs .And even after repeated scoring in the fine leg area,the Aussie captain showed no signs in restricting that area.A dependable batsman like Dhoni was found all but struggling -needing 66balls to score 36runs.

Some decent planning by the Aussie captain on the field would have made things really miserable for the Indian batsmen I beleive.With India losing four wickets for a score less than hundred,even a total of 200 would be tough.But thanks to Aussie bowlers who got carried away after their batsmen supported them and the initial breakthrough.And even the fielders who merely cared when the ball was found rolling over the ropes through the gaps.

Sorry India...You hardly deserve've got a lot to improve......

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