Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Check Needed On Aussie Emotions..

It was once said in Sydney Cricket Ground by Andrew Symonds that no opposition player should in anyway pass on comments on an Aussie,seconds before the Monkey episode took place in the second test at Sydney.With the entire world knowing what provoked Harbhajan Singh(who was believed to have patted on Lee's back for his good bowling) to call him the 'M-word',that led to more bad blood between India and Australia.

Neither the Cricket Australia officials,nor the ICC took some time in analysing the issue before imposing a 2 test ban on Harbhajan Singh,which was later reduced to a fine of 50% match fee.By the time this relief was realised by Harbhajan,the man had to undergo lot many mental agony.All these happened without any effort by the Aussie players nor the Cricket Australia officials.But,it took hell out from the Indian players in getting Steve Bucknor removed despite a clear cut picture in the Sydney test.

Indians showed the Aussies what they are by dropping the charges against Brad Hogg.But,the Aussies are just unbeatable in this regard too.The latest being the verbal volley between Symonds and Ishanth Sharma.The latter showing him the way to the pevilion.But,hardly anyone made it a point to show out the mistake what Symonds did.

Things are not restricted to only India..even the South Africans who toured Australia two years ago witnessed the same.To know more about Aussie comments,ask Muttiah Muralitharan,who at times refused to tour Australia fearing racial abuse from the Aussies.

The latest comment by Matthew Hayden,calling Harbhajan "an Obnoxious weed" and getting away with a petty fine and that too without any apology was just not acceptable.
I would now like to know weather The Australian Cricket is being run by the ICC,for none of the cases against them are made into an issue?And even if one is made,its only to shut the mouths of critics..

My view is that,with Austrlian cricket losing dominance slowly,the players cannot find any other means to tackle the opposition.

Its high time that the Australian players and media as well control their emotions and see to that it does result in bad blood with its opposition.After all even others are human beings like the Australians.....


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