Monday, February 11, 2008

Something To Learn From This Great Hearted Man..

He was the second highest wicket taker in the ICC World Cup 2007.Was a part of the Australian squad that won the world cup in the Carribbean for the fourth time and third time in succession.The man could command his position in the national squad.But,that was not his thinking went about.The man who is known to bowl one of the fastest deliveries in world cricket and that too without any controversies like that of Brett Lee,Shoaib Akthar etc..

It was the first of the kind of decision taken by any player in world cricket-atleast to the best of my knowledge.It was really frustrating to see such an upcomming youngster taking to such decisions!But,the attitude of accepting a fact however harsh it is really deserves a lot of praise.Doesn't he?

The man was found to take an infinite break from both forms of international cricket
on Jan 29th.The reasons cited by this 24 year old was as follows:

"A break from professional cricket will hopefully give me a clear mind and a chance for my body to rest and recover".

"My love and enjoyment of the game is struggling due to these issues and if I continue to go on, it will be unfair on my team mates and support staff of both the Australian and South Australian cricket teams - and most importantly my family and close friends."

The decision is welcomed by the entire Australian team.Even i think it is a good move by the Australian that would help not only the National team but also inspire others to follow his footsteps,avoiding foolishness to prevail-like it was done by Zaheer Khan(who was forced to return home even b4 the 4 test series against Australia began),R.P.Singh,Shoaib Akthar and many of the likes..

By his decision,Shaun has won the hearts of many cricket fans all over the world.The first of them being New Zealand's Lou Vincent.This would indeed save the team from making wrong selections.And not only this,the bowler can make a good comeback after fighting all the odds.I wish other players also learn a lesson from Shaun Tait and take their own decisions regarding form and fitness.Well Done Shaun!

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