Monday, February 11, 2008

A Silver Lining In England's cloud

It was a long time since England had shown some decent performance in international cricket.An underrated performance in the WC earlier last year where England won a match only against another under dogs-West Indies.Then came the T20 series followed by 3 ODI's during its tour against the same.Though England could snatch a win in the second T20 game to level the series,the ODI series that followed was just another nightmare.

A consolation win against India-after losing the test series 1-0,the team was all down to death when in came to the T20 world championship at South Africa,where it won just 1 match and that too against minnows Zimbabwe-before losing to Australia,South Africa,New Zealand and India.Its winning rate was just equal to that of Bangladesh (which won the match against West Indies in the first round).

But,now it looks like the team has gained atleast some maturity,when it won the T20 series against New Zealand during its tour down under.With the team consisting of the likes of Flintoff,Ian Bell,Michael Vaughan and co..I feel its just the laziness of the team which leads to such disastrous performances.Unlike teams like West Indies,Zimbabwe and Bangladesh who are not gifted with talented players,it is high time that the ECB takes the issue seriously before the cricketing world loses another competitive team.

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