Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its India All The Time?

Well the Perth test victory for India saw it break the Australian winning streak of 16 unbeaten tests.This was cheered by each and every Australian rival-after its dominance over world cricket,it has created jealous rivals all over the world-isn't it?It was the second time that India did it to the Australians-after they did the same in the home tour way back in 2001.But to everyone's unawareness,India has been on the delivering end most of the times.It was India late last year who put a break for the Aussies' 15th ODI win when they beat them on their home tour at Chandigarh.Aussies have already occupied the first two spots having registered 21 ODI wins in 2003 and 14 in 2007.

Also the unbeaten streak of the South Africans were stopped yet again by India when they beat them at home by 6 wickets at Bangalore.The duckless run streak by Mike Hussey was also broken by Indians at perth when R P Singh got him out for a duck.So one more feather to your cap!

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