Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Boneless Tongue Altogether...

A win at Perth against India would have given the Aussies their consecutive 17th test win.But,to what extent does sentence carry weight.Confused!..Yes,this is a fact.Because the Aussies have already won not only their 17th but 22 tests in without loss.Their last defeat in tests was against arch rivals England way back in August 2005 in the third Ashes test at Trent Bridge-Nottigham.After this defeat,they haven't lost a single test,excepting the two drawn tests against England(At The Oval) and against South Africa at Perth.The list of unbeaten trend of the Aussies is as follows after their loss to England at Trent Bridge:
  1. Versus England-Drawn
  2. Versus ICC World XI-Won By 210 runs
  3. Versus West Indies at Brisbane-won by 379 runs
  4. Versus West Indies at Hobart-won by 9 wickets
  5. Versus West indies at Adelaide-won by 7 wickets
  6. Versus South Africa at Perth-drawn
  7. Versus South Africa at Melbourne-won by 184 runs
  8. Versus South Africa at Sydney-won by 8 wickets
  9. Versus South Africa at Cape Town-won by 7 wickets
  10. Versus South Africa at Durban-won by 112 runs
  11. Versus South Africa at johanessburg-won by 2 wickets
  12. Versus Bangladesh at Fatullah-won by 3 wickets
  13. Versus Bangladesh at CDS-won by an innings and 80 runs
  14. versus England at Brisbane-won by 277 runs
  15. versus England at Adelaide-won by 6 wickets
  16. versus England at Perth- runs 206 runs
  17. versus England at Melbourne-won by won by inns & 99 runs
  18. versus England at Sydney -won by 10 wickets
  19. versus Sri Lanka at Brisbane-won by inns & 40 runs
  20. versus Sri Lanka at Hobart-won by 96 runs
  21. versus India at melbourne-won by 337 runs
  22. versus India at Sydney-won by 122 runs
Well-this shows their(Aussies) dominance in test cricket.Well I agree that the list considers only the ones which have been won & not the drawn ones.

Guys!just lets go two years down the lane i.e in 2005 where South Africa were playing India at Bangalore.It was all cheers for South Africa for it was said that a win here would have seen them equal the 21 unbeaten streak of Australia in 2003.The 20 unbeaten matches never highlighted the abandoned ODI against England earlier that yr.Also the tied one against the same,another abandoned game against West Indies.If the word unbeaten was used,how come it could be compared with the 21 matches that Australians won?

This shows the boneless tongue of everyone who use the word unbeaten and won as they like.Anyway team India-you've done it once again!Congrats!

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