Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Cell Phone,No TV-Only Fitness Bussiness

Hmmm..Sreeshanth-who was forced to miss out on the four test matches against Australia owing to injury has now undergone ayurvedic treatment at Coiambatore.At the moment his parents wants everything but his son to miss out on the ODI series also involving Sri Lanka-started on Feb 3rd.Thats the reason probably he's out of reach whenever he gets a call on his cell phone.The routine which this Kerala Express is following these days is as follows:

*4:30AM-Wake Up,Suryanamaskaram
*6:00AM-Yogic Exersises including Meditation
*8:00 AM-Breakfast(Idly,Dosa or Pongal)
* 10:00AM-Adhere to fitness manual prescribed by Team India physio John Gloster
*1.00 pm: Lunch
*1.30 pm to 5.00 pm Rest
*5.30 pm Massages with various medicated oils
*7.00 pm: Exercise
*8.00 pm: Supper
*9.30 pm: Lights off

The above schedule shows how busy this Kerala Dude is.This is the reason as to why Sreeshanth didn't use his cell phone nor watch TV for 23 days-as ordered by his parents.Well Sreesanth,we all want you here in Australia.Especially Symonds!!!

Source:I didn't use a phone for 23 days: Sree Santh

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