Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deserves to be slammed!

Slamming comes by default when the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) lets go even freak chances of not getting into the record books for the wrong reasons when the same was found to exclude the name of Ramnaresh Sarwan from the list of contracted players. The WICB may have a number of reasons to justify its act but, people have the right to decide whether to believe the same or not. Likewise, the problem is not only regarding Ramnaresh Sarwan but fellow players like Jerome Taylor and Denesh Ramdin have also been made to follow suit no matter what. Did the WICB do all these just to come into light or what?

Needless to be said, there are two ways wherein one can come into light, one for the right reasons and the other (once again needless to be said) for the wrong ones. All doors have been closed for the West Indies decade back which can see them make into the news for the right reasons with the retirement of fellow players like Ambrose, Walsh and Bishop. This got only worse with the likes of Carlo Hooper and Brian Lara following suit after 4 and 8 years respectively. So, the only way the WICB can make news is by getting into some crazy act.

And the WICB have done just that. Drop important players like Sarwan, Jerome Taylor and Denesh Ramdin which can surely draw in a lot of attention from all over the West Indies if not from the world. Until now, players have been denied a place in the squad only owing to their lack of performance or form. But, if the decisions of the WICB are considered, it looks as though the WICB wants to be as creative as it can. As a follower of the game of cricket, I don't see anything right in denying contract to someone like Ramnaresh Sarwan who can of not anything else reduce the margin of defeat.

Hardly does a struggling team like the West Indies get a dynamic and an enthusiastic wicket keeper in Denesh Ramdin, only to be denied contract by the WICB, the reason once against which is best known to the governing body in the West Indies. If the other side of the coin is considered, there are hardly any major cricket tournaments involving the West Indies that are due to come in the near future which at the same time also means that the West Indies need to pay the least possible price for their act. And, by the time the big stage occurs, the aforementioned players might be returned their contract.

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