Sunday, August 29, 2010

A big blow to the Ind-Aus series

Well it was the Sydney test in late 2007 that evoked the world's attention and bought into scene the umpire referral system wherein a captain can object to the on field umpires and force three of the many wrong decisions to the third umpire in case they are not convinced with the onfield umpires' decision. That particular test at Sydney had a record eight wrong decisions which was finally condemned by one and all. I still remember Sunil Gavaskar shouting at the onfield umpires Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor as though he was an avid Indian cricket fan sitting out there.

Following this debacle, one fine day, the umpire referral system was suggested by a brain which happened to exist but with limited success. I personally feel that the UDRS should have been bought into existence long back with every human being aware of the fact that people make errors and umpires are no exception. The world had to wait for the Sydney test to happen and Australia snatching their 16th consecutive test win in a grand style which will always be remembered for the wrong reasons as long as the earth exists. Well, everything is fair in love and war.

Australians can plead innocence with one out of the eight decisions going in favor of the Indians though the remaining 7 happened to be cashed out by the Aussies. Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor were found batting for Australia without bats while the Australian captain Ricky Ponting was found to do the role of an umpire when he declared Sourav Ganguly out caught. To be part of such a test match is indeed a glory for anyone both as a spectator and as a player. Now, in the same India - Australia series, the UDRS is rumored to be scrapped off.

Will the Australians once again make hay in this time's sunshine? Now, Australia are not chasing any major record like they were chasing their 16th test win at Sydney. In case Sachin Tendulkar fails to make it to the squad, there would be no reason for Australia to act stupid for, a victory is all the most guaranteed. However, had this been a test series, the implication of the scrapping of the UDRS would have had a serious impact on the dignity of the game and Aussies in particular. Oh! This time, the series is held in India and not in Australia for the Aussies to act cunning.

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