Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ireland On Fire

Well the first one day international match between Ireland and Kenya reminded me the way Ireland way back in 2007 beat Pakistan to move further to the super eights of the same. Well, that can be said a Pakistan loss rather than an Ireland win for, underestimation at times could prove too costly like we have seen in most of the major cricketing tournaments. However, some reason for teams like Ireland and Kenya to feel proud and relaxed is a win against another minnow like be it against Bermuda or Holland. Recently, there was a two match tournament involving Scotland and Canada in which both the teams took home a victory each.

Now, after a very short duration, a bilateral series involving Kenya and Ireland is being held. This time, the ICC being more cautioned when they decided to hold a three match one day series involving the teams mentioned above. So, in addition to encouraging lesser known teams like Canada and Scotland, it looks like even the ICC is scrutinizing itself as to how to conduct tournaments and series'. Recently and very often, series' involving even number of games are held like, recently there was India's tour to the West Indies featuring four games. In case both the teams win two out of four with the other team winning the remaining two, there can be no question of disappointment for both the teams.

May be that in addition to conducting cricket matches as a competition, the ICC also wants to avoid the respective cricket boards from slamming their players over poor shows. Anyway, coming to the first one dayer between Kenya and Ireland, of course, hardly any Kenyan citizen would have shed tears over their nation's cricket loss. For, not all cricket fans resemble their counterparts in India. If the past of both the teams under consideration is taken, Kenya should have held a comparatively upper hand for, they have been playing cricket since 1996 seriously unlike Ireland who made it some 4 years back to the international arena.

Of course, even Ireland is no way less when it comes to playing decent cricket for, they made it to the super eights of a world cup on two occassions. The first instance being in 2007 after their win against Pakistan and then in the T20 world cup 2009 this time beating a much lesser opponent in Bangladesh. But, tongue twisting names like Kennedy Otieno, Obanda, Steve Tikolo and Collins Obuya are being heard since the maiden world cup 1996 which featured Kenya. But, despite their experience, they ended up on the losing side. On the other hand, Ireland's William Poterfield with just 34 matches old set up a win against Kenya for their team. With two more matches to go, deciding a winner would be nothing but stupidity.


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Ireland just applied for full status. They'd do better than Bangladesh.

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