Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something Ireland Would Be Proud Of

There can be at the most one and only one winner in a cricket match and at times, there could be no winner at all. Such is the case when it comes to the game called cricket. Anyway, coming to the second one day match between Ireland and Kenya held at Dublin, the Kenyan team that are contained with tongue twisting names could hardly prove their myth in international cricket. If at all a team like Kenya can boast of a victory, it should and can be only against teams like Ireland. Well no doubt that they have had wins against India and West Indies, in which case it was India's loss rather than Kenya's win. So is the case for the other team Ireland as well.

In case Ireland can boast of a decent and deserving victory, it has to be a team of the same caliber. And Kenya is one among them. When the match between the aforementioned teams as is is hardly watched by anyone in the world and is on the other side hardly telecast by any channel that boasts of a decent viewership, one can imagine the fate of such matches when the same is hit by bad weather. As usual, the Duckworth Lewis was bought into play that declared the team Ireland who were batting second as winners by 54 runs. Needless to be said, Kenya lost all their wickets for a paltry score of just 175 and should have Ireland chased the total of 175, it would have been a satisfactory victory for Ireland.

However, the match was no less when it came to some cricket action on the field, when the Irish captain William Poterfield got his team off to a flier when he struck three boundaries off one over bowled by Kenya's Thomas Odaya. The same batsman took four boundaries from another over bowled by Kenya's Odhiambo which is a rare feat given the caliber of both the teams battling it out there. There was also a bowler who ended up with figures of 3/40 from 9 overs. In addition, there was a Kenyan batsman who had the Irish bowlers well under his control that saw Kenya raise from 66/4 at one stage to 175 at the end of the innings.

Alex Obanda fought with a 78 ball 59 in the above mentioned situation. Whatever, the only disappointment of the match was that it was reduced owing to the introduction of Duckworth Lewis which at most of the times takes away the thrill of the game. The reason for the ICC to conduct such tournaments was to help the minnows get up and dance to the tunes of stronger teams so that the game of cricket gets globalised with more nations battling it out on the field. But, with the current speed at which Ireland are going, the target is not bound to be achieved in the near future whatsoever.

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