Friday, February 6, 2009

Where Have The Remaining Ten Gone?

Well at last, after much of the fuss, the first one day international match between India and SriLanka takes place at Dambulla. But, this as per my view or opinion, is not that great start for the series. For, the series expected a lot of expectations regarding some blistering fireworks from the blades of Sanath Jayasuriya. of course, Sanath Jayasuriya did fire with his bat despite being aged close to 40. But, I think that it is now necessary that one has to remind Sri Lanka that there are as many as eleven players in the team rather than only one man who id supposed to show his greatness with the bat.

From the Indian point of view, I can just relax for, it is my country who has made its day and as expected, India did win the match. But, if one is a real follower of the game of cricket, he would be surely interested in playing or watching someone play good and exciting cricket on the field rather than just wait or pray that his team wins no matter what. And this is what the game of cricket is all about. How can one expect someone to compromise with some thrilling stuff in return for a boring encounter like it happened at the Dambulla in the first one day international? Only three out of seven batsmen out there came out with some decent performances on the field.

could be considered to be a bowler rather than as a batsman. So, in the sense, only Out of the three batsmen whio showcast their skills with the bat, one of them- Farveez MaharoofSanathJayasuriya and Kumara Sangakkara were really worth the praise and regarding other batsmen it was just like "fill in the blanks". If such is the performance of the Sri Lankan batsmen on their home ground in Sri Lanka, what else can be expected from them and what is the mistake of the Indians who can well walk away with the victory in their hand from the very first one day international?

If this is the kind of opposition that some team in India, who are riding very high on their confidence after whitewashing England 5-0 in November, it would not be a big task for them to take over the Sri Lankans who are running very very low after their recent loss at the hands of Bangladesh and their dismal performances against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe where Sri Lanka had a last gasp for victory. Sri Lanka never ever tried to correct their mistake and in turn continued to do the same and this is what they have landed with. A rather humiliating defeat against a team which lost miserably in the finals of the Asia cup 2008. So, better luck next time Sri Lankans.

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