Thursday, February 5, 2009

India Spoil Pakistan's Party

Well it is still an undisclosed fact as to why did team India ever decide of touring Sri Lanka when the ICC tours calender never had any plans of that sort. Of course there was a void left in the cricketing calender of the BCCI with the tour of Pakistan being sacrificed to the Mumbai terror strikes on 26/11. Anyway, Pakistan after a year long gap gone without any sorts of decent international cricket, had planned well in advance much more earlier than the Indians did, when they decided to go ahead with playing Sri Lanka once the Indian tour got canceled.

Is it a coincidence that India have decided to tour Sri Lanka or is it just that India just wants to seek revenge against Pakistan in whatever way possible? A sweet and non voilent revenge on the Indian counterparts eh? Not bad. This forced the Sri Lankans to end their tour of Pakistan as early as possible. Sri Lanka and Pakistan played the scheduled three one day internationals in a span of just four days. While, in case of other tri nation tournaments, the tour lasts atleast a week if there are two days gap between each one day international match.

If at all the gap left out by the cancellation of India's tour to Pakistan has to be filled, India could have well gone in for some other team like there were the Bangladeshis who were jobless at the moment, very much fresh from their recent exploitation of the weak Sri Lankan team. This assuming that the Sri Lankan tour of Pakistan was booked far earlier compared to the Indians. If not Bangladesh, there were Zimbabwe & South Africa in addition to other non test playing nations. And how come the teams-India & Sri Lanka are found relaxing after every match while as said the Sri Lanka-Pakistan series was decided and concluded hastily?

And why should the void ever be filled, when last year when the ICC Champions Trophy that was to be held in Pakistan was cancelled all the teams over the world were just warming their bodies at home. Neither did the ICC nor did the other cricket nations ever decide about holding other tournaments like, they could have held another series of the IPL. The second in the year 2008. All of a sudden, why such hasty decisions? Now, the test series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan has been scheduled on 22nd of this month. But, it would be worth to think about it only after it really happens. I'm sorry. Only when the series gets concluded.

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