Monday, December 1, 2008

Stupidity At its Peak

Well after much condemnation for the recent ghastly terror attacks in Mumbai's Taj Palace last week, I thought that the test series that were supposed to follow the one day international matches (that were canceled) would also be canceled in the same manner.But, no.Anyway that is another issue altogether.Finally, the BCCI after holding talks with the ECB officials, decided to continue with the test series, but, for a change at a different venue.And as one never guessed, the vanues are selected that are even more worse as far as the situation of holding a test match goes.Is there any end to the foolishness of the BCCI?

I wonder as to what does one really get out of such hopeless tours.It looks like the test series is played just for the sake of it and for no other reason.Well the security concern for the players could be understood.Both Ahmedabad and Mumbai offlate have a poor track record as far as security concern goes.Now, the new venues for the two tests starting on December 11th to 15th at Mohali instead of Ahmedabad and Chennai instead of Mumbai.How come one assumes that the new venues could go cool with hosting the test match?Are the players, especially those from England mentally ready to play test cricket?

I don't know about Mohali.But, as far as Chennai is concerned, there is little chance of the game taking off and continuing smoothly.Not because of any security threat or any intelligence reportsof a bomb blast.But, due to the recent rains that had almost washed Chennai, as a result of a cyclone.And this was the situation a week back.Now,can anyone assure a test match at such a venue?For that matter the situation is no better in any of the stadium in South India like Bangalore.And playing somewhere in Northern part of India is totally out of question.I wish atleast the Mohali test takes off smoothly.

And one more thing that is to be taken into consideration is that the warm up match that was to be held in vadodara tomorrow has been scraped.Well the reasons are quite obvious and can be understood.But, proceeding further without a practice game before going to the test series be a bad decision?After going through all these, I feel that the decisions regarding hosting the India-England test series is being done in a hurry.The series has very litttle or absolutely no gains at all.A decision to withdraw the test series would have been a better choice.or a delayed or split tour would have helped matters.Now, with such a hasty decision by the BCCI, the test series can only be thought of to be a formality and nothing else.

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