Monday, December 1, 2008

At Times Luck Favours South Africa

Well as I would love to call it, the South African cricket team is a mixture of good and bad lucks. This was after all of us saw them as to how they were found to make a mess of their own game in the world cups from 1992 to 2003.And then in the inaugural edition of the world T20 Championship at home,which South Africa lost after losing to India, which was their first ever defeat in that tournament.Well I don't intend in going to the details of the same.At times, despite their wonderful performance, South Africa are found to make a mess of their own game, like it happened in the world cup 2003, where South Africa got itself omitted itself from the tournament, citing a calculation mistake as a reason.

Well, despite all these at times, there are silver linings in South Africa's cloud.On two occasions, South Africa emerged as the top team in the ICC one day rankings, and this time South Africa have regained the second position in the latest ICC test rankings, overtaking India.In the year 2007, just prior to the world cup at the caribbean,South Africa topped the ICC one day rankings, courtesy-Australia's consecutive five match loss to England and New Zealand just before the world cup.And earlier, when South Africa beat teams like West Indies and Bangladesh to be on par with the Aussies-who were still at their peak in March earlier this year. All because of the Australia's loss of the Commonwealth Bank series to India.

And imagine how! South Africa beat Bangladesh in the two test series, both of them by an innings.And this was enough for the Proteas to get on the top of the ICC test rankings after Australia.Well if India beat a no 1 team in Australia to move up the rankings in the ICC test points table, South Africa beat the weakest team in the game to surpass the same India. Howzaat!This hapens as long as there are teams like Bangladesh and West Indies playing test cricket out there.

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