Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Grace For Australia most of us are aware of,and most of the cricketing greats world over have put it,the Australians are no more the team what they were a couple of years ago.This was evident from the recent tour of India where they lost the series 2-0.Well..that was a series away from home.However, this time things were different as they face a different team in New Zealand,and that too at their own backyard.This yielded some benefits to the declined Australian team.Another fact is that, New Zealand have never been able to play good test cricket what-so-ever.The last time New Zealand were found beating a decent opposition was that against England earlier this year, only to lose the series 2-1 later.

Now, I hope one can imagine the Australian dominance by beating a team of the caliber of New Zealand.Anyway, had I been an Australian, I would have just welcomed this victory,despite struggling in the first innings of the same.This is no doubt an era of Australian decline.It was nice to see Australia winning the first test, at the same time,the victory was not convincing though.With New Zealand bouncing back in the series is out of question, all that one can look out is for Australia to get back and start counting the number of days they would be in the top 1 position.For, there are teams like India, Sri Lanka and England waiting for the spot.

For now,the present Australian test team is steadily declining and decelerating, which would one fine day come to a halt.Some 2 decades ago, when the West Indians were having the same go,which ultimately ended in early 90s,after which it has been South Africa for some time and then followed by Australia.Now, it is interesting to look out for who would be the next toppers.So all that is left for us to do is to wait and watch as to which team would be found doing that.

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stoph verismo said...

interesting perspective.
as is normal human nature, everyone wants to "knock off the champs", as there is no better measure of yourself.

i certainly agree that Australia are in decline- inevitable when you remove the quality of Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist (plus Langer, Gillespie, McGill)! but i don't think you fully appreciate what a green-top bowlers delight the wicket was.

certainly Australia were "saved" by Clarke (in the first innings) and Katich in the second with both scoring hundreds when nearly every other batter struggled, except Taylor from NZ. but take into account that Mitchell Johnson bowled 9/69 for the match and that Australia won by over a hundred runs then it is plain to see that the 214 in first innings wasn't a bad score for the conditions.

in regard to some other country taking top position, i think while the ICC rankings that came out today still have Australia on top, the best side is clearly India and that the WILL find themselves on top at the next rankings release.

in Australia, many people were becoming complacent about winning and i was forever telling younger friends to enjoy it while you can, because 2 things WILL happen, Australia will loose top players, and the rest of the world will get better... which has happened.

on another note, i have enjoyed your site and included your link on mine
if you have a read and enjoy what i've written i would appreciate a reciprocal link on yours.

all the best

stoph verismo