Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I never Expected This From Zimbabwe

At present, there are four international cricket tournaments in progress.But,as all of us are aware of, there are hardly any tournaments that are of much thrill and excitement that cricket used to be in the recent past or so. One tournament that was being looked upon by cricket fans in India is the tour of England.But, even that tour is a one sided affair, for England had already given it up even before playing.England never showed any sorts of teeth in restricting the Indians.Now, as expected England have lost the series already after the fourth one day at Bangalore. And the second tournament that is under progress is the tour of New Zealand to Australia. The one day record of New Zealand of New Zealand may say whatever, but, as far as their test statistics goes, I'm really sorry.Even a commanding position in the first innings could not be made use of to any greater extent.Anyway thats another issue altogether.

The third series that took place recently was the one day games between Pakistan and West Indies, which also as expected Pakistan won the series 3-0.With only two out of a lot of 11 West Indian team playing,the result could have not been any better.Some blistering knocks from Chris Gayle earning him the man of the series was a welcome relief for the West Indians.And the other tournament being Bangladesh's tour of South Africa,about which I need not mention anything.But, despite all these boring encounters, there was atleast one match that could raise eye brows.This was the third one day match between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.With the first two games being a mis match, the third game gave it all to the fans.And finally, I was a bit relieved, as atleast once in a bluemoon I could watch a low scoring thriller.Sad that Zimbabwe lost the match at the end of the day, despite an awesome performance by the opening batsman Mazakadza.

With each and every cricket match being a boring affair these days, I pray god that atleast in the oming season there be some interesting encounters, which could make up one's day. Else, watching the hame of cricket would be a punishment rather than entertainment.Bye.


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