Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Inhuman Shameless BCCI

Well the last two days or so,I could hardly do anything worth, be it sleeping in peace,having my food or be it my hobby in blogging, though I managed to put up some posts on my site.Courtesy- the dreadful terror attacks in Mumbai that not only rocked the world but also made me think as to how could someone be so inhuman?I could just not take my eyes off the TV sets, which made me think each and every moment about the progress regarding the attempts by the security personnel trying to save the hostages from there.How inhuman?

At the same time,there was BCCI whose eyes were all focused on whether or how to continue the series involving India and England, when the entire human race was praying for the innocents and the rescue squad out there in Mumbai.Finally,I congratulate the BCCI for ending being successful in going on with the test series by negotiating with the remaining two one day matches.I wonder as to how come the BCCI failed to continue with the one day series as well?In addition to the current international tours, there was also the second edition of the Indian Cricket League going on in progress.But,I could never find any such decisions regarding the same.

I now ask you readers as to how many of you, after watching the dreadful terror attacks ever think about going and watching some entertainment programmes, be it a cricket match or a movie?Are we so much ill hearten that we tend to leave all these behind us and think about ourselves?Despite all the news channels showing the aftermath of the attacks, there was a holiday declared owing to the death of former prime minister V P Singh.I wish there had been a boycott of the current cricket tour as a mourning for those innocent victims in Mumbai and the cammandos who laid their lives to secure the lives of the hostages and for nabbing/killing the terrorists.Atleast can we do this much?

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Anonymous said...

oh cmon mate, the bCCi didnt pester English to stay back for 2 ODis...and they promptly put off the CL!!