Friday, November 28, 2008

A Baseless Funda Altogether

Well it was nice to know that the rest of the one day international matches between India and England have been canceled,thanks to the deadly blasts that rocked Mumbai a couple of days ago,targeting especially UK citizens.But,another funny aspect that really made me think about was that the test series is still on.It is just unbelievable.When the remaining two one day international matches can be canceled,how come the test series can take off smoothly if the BCCI officials are to be believed?For,the test matches only follow the remaining two one day internationals.This post is least bothered about the cotinuation of the series,but, it is the drama that pisses me to this extent.

If the blasts are to be taken into account for deciding whether the series has to continue or not,the blasts are targeted at the five star hotels where the team officials are staying rather than on the cricket stadium.Canceling the remaining two one day matches would mean that the England cricket team will be having a day off at the hotel rooms where the real threat lies.Or, the other idea would be for the England to go back home and then arrive once again for the test matches that follow.And if at all the tour has to be scrutinized taking security into consideration,I wish the entire tour be canceled or postpone the remaining two matches as well along with the test games that follow.

And in the recent past or so, in India, tickets are purchased only after the train departs.One waits for a terror strike to happen and then do some stupid things like calling an emergency situations or canceling some major events that are supposed to take place.This circle repeats every now and then.This has been the case in India in recent times.First it was low intensity blasts,followed by a high intensity one.In the beginning it would be after a gap of nearly a month and now it hapens on consecutive days or at the worst after every fortnight.From blasts in markets that could be termed as a cowadly act,the situation has now become an open one where the terrorist is caught on cameras firing.Things are never bound to improve.And I don't think there are any fools who are in the view of "Oh! no not again".

And coming back to the India-England one day and test matches, I wonder whether one fears a terror attack on the cricket field?Is the security in India really gone to such a bad depth?With the recent times taken,it wouldn't be wrong to assume even such a situation.Once the assigned job has been completed successfully by the terrorists,I wonder whether they will come back and do the same,especially when the security people are on their toes?Canceling the tour means just foolishness and nothing else.The damage is already done.Tight security would have meant averting the tragedy and not taking drastic steps in future.And the option that I would suggest is "wait for another major tragedy to happen,so that the security that was until then relaxed could be then beefed up once again".Well..if the BCCI is going through this post,I wish they go and get the correct meaning of security before using the same repeatedly without knowing the meaning.

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