Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Rakhi Sawanth Will Not Help Make ICL Colorful

Well after almost two months without any good cricketing action,the action packed days are back with a bang.All to be deceived.Some boring umpiring in the first test between India and Australia.And the ICL is more of a flop rather than an awesome cricketing action.All eyes were on the second season of the indian Cricket League. But,it looks like the sponsorers do not need any benefit from these matches.Its just a charity game I suppose.I never thought that these matches would be so colorless.In this regard,the Indian Premier League scores very much above this league.The introduction of sky cameras and the niners would have added to the excitement.But, so far that is not to be.So when can it be expected?

Well..whether that will take place in the near future or not,that is not the issue that is haunting now.But, the ICL committee should take the commentary team seriously.It looks like the commentary team is not being payed properly by the Zee sports. Otherwise,I've never seen such a bad commentary whatsoever.And that too Hindi commentary for a commercial series?How mean!Though the ICL was introduced before the IPL,I feel it has to learn a lot from the IPL.A look at the IPL format,action involved and the commentary by the Star Cricket team would give the ICL franchisees a better idea regarding how to run a business involving cricket.

The commentary at times makes us laugh when the commentary like "batsman ne balle ko apne haath mein pakad kar ball ka intezar kar raha hain" and then "Ab is waqt,bowler gend ko apne haath mein rakh kar btsman ki taraf daud raha hain" .No doubt,the crowd that attends the match is pretty denent in number.But,if this is the trend that the ICL committee members continue doing,the present day crowd would not be the same.Else,one would see it diminishing day by day.The tournament started with a bang with Rakhi Sawanth and Kareena Kapoor (in the previous edition) shaking their leg at the inauguration.But,how long will this continue.Of course the cheer leaders are a delight to watch.More than the game of cricket,these things grab in more attraction.

Just introducing a hike in pay to Rs 14 Cr will not grab in good players or crowd. Needless to say,the committee members of the Indian Cricket League do not enjoy a freedomwhen it comes to the ground,players-who are not allowed to play for their national team once they join ICL,which is not the case with the IPL,the members need to put in a lot of hard work to see to that the tournament results in a decent crowd puller.Shifting of the telecast from Zee sports to something like say Ten Soprts or ESPN/Star Sports would help solve matters.Thank you.

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