Monday, October 13, 2008

Aussies Indeed Underdogs!

Well..the first test between India and Australia at Bangalore might have ended in a draw according to the record books.But,we feel that it was India who had an upper hand in most parts of the game.Not only because of the presence of quality spin bowlers,but due to the presence of some genuine pace bowling from Ishanth Sharma and Zaheer Khan.The worry that was found to haunt the Aussies before they started with the tour was the tracks that were thought to favor the spinners.But,neither Anil Kumble nor Harbhajan Singh proved to be a threat to the Aussie bowling.A bad decision in the first innings gifted Harbhajan his only wicket in the innings.Courtesy A M Saheba-who raised his finger for a delivery that was found to miss the leg stump.

But,what do the Aussie batsmen have to say about Ishanth Sharma and Zaheer Khan who troubled them regularly?With both innings proving to be lucky for Zaheer to have got Matthew Hayden.And Ishanth Sharma getting Ricky ponting.A mixture of good and bad luck when it came to the Aussie batting.But,their bowling had absolutely nothing to complain about.A decent squad of Brett Lee, Shane Watson, Mitchell Jhonson and Stuart Clarke.And now don't say this was an inexperienced side altogether.Cameroon White was above expectations as he had the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar in the second innings.He was not given the ball for most part of the first innings.He bowled only 13 overs which was the least bowled by any bowler in the first innings.

It was just funny to watch the balls roll over the ropes from the bat of Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan.The culprits in the game were not the India's fab five.Anil Kumble not being able to take a single wicket,VVS Laxman out for a duck in the first innings,only Dravid and Ganguly had some decent knocks and not to forget Tendulkar's 49 in the second.All mistimed shots of Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan crossing the boundary!I wonder how come the Aussie bowlers couldn't contain theses tail enders when they were in a commanding position after getting the top six out quickly?It looked like the Aussies got carried away with the initial success.

Can any one believe that it was Zaheer Khan the top scorer for India in the first innings and Harbhajan the second?This is the second time in succession that Australia has not been able to snatch a test victory against India with Ricky Ponting scoring a hundred.Its really a joke that the worlds best test team could not contain tailenders who are left to bat it out there without any batsman to support them.No variation in neither line,length or pace from the Aussie bowlers was another notable point.Wish the present Aussie bowlers learn some tips from Glenn McGrath who had a variety in his line and length.Some proper game planning by the Australian team and Ricky Ponting in particular would have bought a result to the first test I suppose.

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