Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Much Of Mendis? the past three or four months, one devil that continues to haunt the Indian batsmen is Ajantha Mendis. It all started since the Asia cup in Pakistan, where Mendis ended up taking 16 wickets, that included a career best of 6-13 in the finals. This was followed by his record of a 26 wicket tally in the recently concluded test series against India. And in the first one dayer against the same India, this man was found to trouble the Indian batsmen once again, by tackling three batsman, the must watch delivery being that which was bowled to Yuvraj Singh, that deceived the batsman- who,misjudged it to be fairly outside the leg stump, only to realise it too late that the ball was found to straighten. Full marks for this delivery of Ajantha Mendis.

However, this man has off-late been found to show his skills only against India. To remind, there are as many as 9 test playing nations in the cricketing world.No doubt that this man shows all signs of making it big but, it would be wise not to assume too many things for the moment. And coming to the first ODI betwen India and Sri Lanka, in addition to praising Mendis for his devastating spell, isn't it India also who are making it too big in Mendis? Have they really given it all to Mendis, for they are found to come up with all praise for this man whenever they lose, despite this feat being repeated for not once but for the fifth time in succession.

Do the Indian batsmen have any plans to tackle Mendis? Either they (Indians) take the opposition lightly or they come in for full praise for the same rather than think as what could be done regarding the same. Like Anil Kumble- who before the test series bagan, took the same Mendis lightly. This was not the way the Indians were found playing during their tour of Australia earlier this year. The team that had some success against that best team in the world, is now rather giving it up against a team which is placed below in the ICC points table. All that is needed for the moment is their will to win matches. And until this happens, the result will never change I believe.

Some foolishness in the commentary team should also be noticed. This was observed when one of the commentators were found utterring "It looks like Munaf Patel has done the job for his team (after sending back Sangakkara when the score board read 45-2)", and then after a while, "Sri Lanka in deep trouble now...eight more wickets from here onwards would see India through this game..."..I wonder if anyone is unaware of the fact that each team has 10 wickets to go? Anyway thanks commentators for informing us. Thanks a lot..

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