Sunday, June 22, 2008

West Indies In An E11 match..Beat Unlucky Australians

How would it be when the shortest format of cricket be reduced to even more shorter one when there is a rain interruption or a bad light ?And this is no different gesture anymore.The game has seen such matches very common off late.I wonder what the sponsorers or the players or even the fans get by watching such a horrible match.Had rain not interrupted the T20 game between the West Indies and South Africa late last year,we could have had South Africa enter the record books for putting up the lowest total in the international T20 format.

And when the T20 was launched in 2005,at the same time,the ODI rules were modified by terming a rain hit match producing a result if the team batting second has played 20 overs or more.And if this is a common gesture in ODIs,imagine what would be the difference between T20s and ODIs?If not for the big hitting it the T20s,the situation would no longer be any different.If there's some brains shown in avoiding a situation of a tie by enforcing a bowl-out method in T20s,I wish something must be done in order to save matches from being abandoned due to bad weather.

In the recent past,the second match between England and New Zealand,the match had to be abandoned because England failed to bowl just one over.And coming to the recent Australia-West Indies,it looks like Australia fall behind in luck when it comes to this format of cricket.The luck that has been favouring Australia in ODIs and tests is not doing the same when it comes to T20 game.Else why would a formidable team in Australia lose to a completely out of form West Indies?To a team that couldn't even defend a 200+ total against South Africa and lose to Bangladesh in the very next game (in the inaugural T20 world Cup)?

None of the Australian well known players (viz Ponting,Lee,Hussey,Clarke) were found at the crease.Instead lesser known names like Ronchi was made to take on the West Indian bowlers.Some under estimating?Hmm..might be..god knows..It looks like the IPL has deceived the selectors who went in for S E Marsh and David Hussey.

Well..if their body language is taken a close look at,it seems as though the Australians are satisfied with their dominance of ODI and test and giving T20 a pass.And congrats Australia on getting back to the top spot jointly with South Africa.


Rob said...

Unlucky Australians? They got murdered...

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