Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unofficially,Kolkata Knight Riders Lose..

With the match between Delhi Daredevils and the Kolkata Knight Riders being washed out due to rain,I feel it is a wrong statement to cite rain as a factor for shattering the dreams of the Kolkata Knight Riders' of entering the semi finals of the Indian Premier League.Even if there were no rains,a Kolkata win was just an illusion I feel.All that they could do was to start with a bang in the first encounter against the Royal Challengers Bangalore and continue with a series of losses to all the major teams.

Had the match between the Delhi Daredevils and the Kolkata Knight Riders been played,all eyes would have been on Delhi Daredevils team that was charging forward compared to the Kolkata Knight Riders.Well,amazingly,rain has favoured the perfect team.And the Delhi Dare Devils seem to be the team that has the capacity to make it to the last four.But,still my vote would go in the favour of the Mumbai Indians-for they seem to be playing better cricket compared to someone like Chennai Super Kings.

Of the four so called icon players,two of them have given up the hopes of making into the big stage.Only two others in Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians are proving something worth.It would be worth noting the soft target provided for the Kolkata knight Riders by Royal Challengers Bangalore,which saw Brendon McCullum making most of them.But,when it comes to the really mattering stage in Delhi Daredevils and the Kings XI Punjab or even the Rajasthan Royals,sorry to say this.The Kolkata Knight Riders are no where near the mark of victory.

And what much difference would have it made,had the match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Delhi Daredevils been played.Another loss for the Kolkata Knight Riders and a disappointment for Kolkata Knight Riders' fans.Alas!the fans have something to take home though if not the memories of the match.Guess what?Exactly!The cheerleaders.Ha ha ha..

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