Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PCB's Double Standards

Hmm..from the least couple of months or so,the man who has been in the news was found to be Shoaib Akthar.But,now it seems another fellow Pakistani cricketer has taken a share in what is now another scandal in Pakistan cricket.The man is Mohd Asif.And mind you it is the second time the man has stepped into this controversy of doping.And Wah!Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)-for the second time in succession is trying to cover Mohd Asif for an act that is supposed to have been critisised in the most harsh way possible.But,look at what the PCB is upto?

When it came to banning Shoaib Akthar for up to 5 years along with a fine of around Rs 200 crore,the PCB once again failed to disclose the misdeeds done by Shoaib Akthar.It was the same PCB that held hand in hand with Shoaib Akthar when it came to his illegal bowling action. But,always makes news for making the same Shoaib Akthar a scape goat whenever possible.Probably for the third time I believe!

And,now when the ICC detains Mohd Asif in Dubai,alleging him of doping charges,the PCB is nowhere near to joining and seeing to that the truth never dies.One can imagine the multi standards of the PCB.Is this the kind of motivation the the PCB gives its upcoming younger cricket players?Well..if there is an Australia who can do things whatever they want when they are at the receiving ends,one has to also take into consideration that there is also a PCB that supports its players even when they are found to be guilty of something they have to be ashamed of.

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