Monday, March 3, 2008

A World Record-By Hook or Crook

After the late realisation by the Proteas in the first test match against Bangladesh at Dhaka,the South Africans were never in a forgiving mood what so ever.It looked as though their emotions were shown on the field by captain Greame Smith and Neil McKenzie-who put on a world record partnership of 415,surpassing the previous record held by Pankaj Roy and Vinoo Mankad who had held the record of having put up 413 runs for the first wicket against New Zealand way back in 1956.

Well the record however came against a lesser rated team like Bangladesh.Though not rated high by fans and spectators over the world,some things have to be made clear.This test is the 49th appearence by Bangladesh (not to forget South Africa's 328 test appearences) as compared to New Zealand's test no 41 in which the fellow Indians Vinoo mankad and Pankaj Roy achieved their feat.The test was also the test no 49 for India.With both teams being hardly experienced the feat achieved by India has a slight upper hand.

And,in those days cricket was not this commercialised as it is being done now.With lots of big bucks being involved in today's cricket,that itself provides the motivation required for younger players.One more thing that has gone unnoticed is the bats that are used by today's batsmen-which can send the ball to the fence with a little bit or no effort at all.And the same thing applies to the ball as well.

And comming to the pitches,out of which most of them being tailor made.With all these points put foreward,one more question needs to be answered is that:Like South Africa why didn't other teams do the same?

For the readers' sake,the world record put by Matthew Hayden came against a weaker side in Zimbabwe.The 438 run partnership between Attapattu and Sangakkara came against Zimbabwe.Thus,one can now think as to why Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy were disappointed when their 50+ year old feat was broken!!

Anyway South Africa..."CONGRATS"

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