Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar!Reminding the Aussies of his Presence

As everyone in the cricketing world is aware,Sachin Tendulkar got into his 42nd ODI century in the first final against Australia.This was one of the many such knocks by the little master and whenever he does it against Australia it is all the more special for this master blaster.Reason!The man is awarded the man of the match everytime he scores a century against Australia,irrespective of weather India wins or loses.Perhabs!India have lost only once against Australia when Sachin Tendulkar has scored a hundred-in the ODI at Sharjah.

This innings once again proved his calibre as a batsman.According to my opinion,
Sachin not only helped India register their first victory in the finals of the commonwealth bank series,but also helped youngsters like Robin Uttappa and Rohith Sharma put up a confidence knock.Sachin's presence at the other end helped Rohith Sharma notch up his yet another half century(66),along with a 100+ run partnership with him.

Though he was not found putting up big scores across his name,Sachin Tendulkar 's calibre never changed.As the saying goes "Class is permanent & Form is temparory".
This is what Sachin's batting once again proved in Sydney on Sunday.His body language never complained.It just showed that the man is just waiting to prove a point.Sachin was preffered while his fellow experienced-Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly were dropped without any hesitation.This shows the amount of respect this man commands.

Sachin made his place in the team deserving,and not bringing under the BCCI's scrutiny in replacing him with a youngster.Any plans to drop or rest Sachin is nothing but foolishness it can be said-unless the player calls it a day.Very rarely does a batsman in international cricket can be compared with Sachin.The only player who has often been compared with Sachin is the West Indian legend-Brian Lara,who too was no less when it came to being a nitemare for most of the great bowlers in world cricket.

Well I'm running out of words in describing this great batsman.But,one thing is for sure...the day this Mumbai lad retires from international cricket,the respect that he takes home will be a compound interest of those taken by some legends viz Steve Waugh,Brian Lara,Sanath Jayasuriya,Inzy so on and so forth.......

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