Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Selfish BCCI

Well with the second round of the Indian Cricket League began,I was surprised by the fact that even the second round was being hosted by the same ground at Panchkula.It was then that I came to know the reason that the culprit in this case was none other than the BCCI-who was not happy with the new turn that was taking place in the history of Indian cricket.It was shocking to hear that the BCCI has given the players to choose weather playing for India or the Rebel League.With neither the money nor the selection panel being a problem for the BCCI,it was just not acceptable by the BCCI to do this act.

As all of us know,there can be at the most some 15-30 players who are contracted by the BCCI.But,with a country with approximately about 1000+ players all over,is there any place for these players to display their talent?Players like Tamil Kumaran, Tejinder Pal Singh,Manish Sharma,Rakesh Patel and much more players who are playing for the ICL are hardly known by us.Do we?

And also,players like Dinesh Mongia,Ritinder Singh Sodi,Sridaran Sriram etc were axed after a couple of appearences.How -if the BCCI is questioned, should these players earn their day's bread with these rules put by BCCI?With such raw talent within them,why should they be denied a chance to showcast their talents?

As a matter of fact,the Ranji,Duleep,Irani trophies hosted by the BCCI are just boring.Does anyone make up their mind to switch on to a channel that is telecasting these matches?And,adding to this is the low money being paid to players for these tours.Isn't it rubbish by the BCCI in denying them a chance to play for the country, just because they've signed up by their Rebel League?

Well with this kind of decision taken by the BCCI,I feel that the BCCI is worried about losing money that they receive as bribes from players for allowing them to play for the nation.If not,Why aren't guys like Laxmipathy Balaji,Murali Karthik,Avishkar Salvi and others not making news despite proving themselves when given a chance,when the likes of Parthiv Patel,Dinesh Karthik,Yousuf Patel flash into the minds of selectors every now and then?

yes!It is high time that the cricket fans of the nation criticize such a shameful,cheap & selfish attitude of the richest cricket board of the world- BCCI.

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