Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inzamam 'disgusted' at umpire Hair's reinstatement

Hmm..there was some shocking news for Pakistani cricketers on Tuesday after they heard the news of umpire Hair's reinstatement.As it happens obviously for everyone of us,even Inzy was not someone special.The situation is no different from"If Steve Bucknor had been reinstated for tours with India being a part".But,some things have to be made clear.When Pakistani cricketers condemn the reinstatement of Hair,wanting him to be sacked,to what extent are Pakistanis worth the praise?Why wasn't Inzy-the gr8 not punished when he beat up a fan in Canada during the Sahara Cup 1997?And how come Javed Miandad was spared when he was found to mess up Dennis Lillie?And Shoaib Akthar being pardoned when they were involved in the doping scandal along with Mohd Asif?How come PCB was not victimised when Pakistani fans at Karachi pelted stones at Indian cricketers,following which India surrendered the next match in Lahore-where Ijaz belted an 84 ball 139* without giving a fight owing to security reasons?

With the PCB being so reluctant when it comes to deeds performed by their own players,I feel that they have lost the moral right to point their fingers at Darrell Hair!!

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Rob said...

I think it is a disgrace Hair was stopped from umpiring in the first place. The Pakistani team and ICC behaved disgracefully, accusing Hair of racial conduct.