Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is this Really Needed????

Hmmm...after the disappointing world cup campaign at the Caribean its been never look back for the Indian Cricket Team ever since.In all three forms of the game Indians are seeing making history wherever they are found going.The first one being the World T20 Championship at South Africa,followed by test and one day wins against Pakistan. The latest being the Commonwealth Bank Series.

The team has undergone two felicitations-one for the World T20 Championship and the other one for the Commonwealth bank Series.My question is that:Is all these really needed?What was special with India winning the Commonwealth Bank series?Of course!They deserved it for their T20 win-because,the win came against arch rivals Pakistan and that was against all teams of the world.Winning a world cup is all the more special wherein you are supposed to in against most of the opposition.

But,in an ordinary series like that of Commonwealth Bank Series,is nothing special in my opinion.And a felicitation for the purpose is something foolish and just a waste of time and money.All cricketers were being rewarded Rs58 lakh for their achievement.
If this the case to be,I have a lot more situations better than the Commonwealth bank series win which was hardly rewarded.For the purpose,

1)India won the test and one day series against Pakistan in Pakistan in 2004 after India toured Pakistan after 12 yrs.
2)India won the Adelaide test after a long gap of 22 years.
3)India reached the finals of the ICC World Cup 2003 after a gap of 20yrs
4)India won a test series at home against Pakistan after 20yrs
5)A test series win on the English soil after 21 yrs and much more..

When all these achievements went hardly noticed,the Commonwealth bank Series was nothing special.Even the Perth test win was not the talk of the day.This is just discrimination based on junior and senior players I believe.

There were players like Virender Sehwag,Dinesh karthik,Suresh Raina,Piyush Chawla and much more who did nothing worthy.their contribution to the win is absolutely nothing.Players like Yuvraj Singh,Robin Uttappa came back in the leter part of the series.Some noteworthy contributions that I can find is the skipper M.S.Dhoni,Ishanth Sharma,Praveen kumar and Harbhajan Singh who contributed in most part of the series.

It is just disgusting as to what the BCCI is thinking about.The board was found making wrong desisions when it comes to selection,adding to this,some unnecessary rewards for the players who have done something similar that have been done by their seniors(that have gone unnoticed) in the past.

Is this a kind of motivation that is needed,which might see Indian players play good cricket only if they are showered with cash rewards?I totally disagree "BCCI"

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