Monday, March 10, 2008

Commonwealth Bank Series 2008-The Ugliest in History?

Last Tuesday saw the commonwealth Bank series coming to an end,with India clinching the trophy after winning the first two of the three finals.This was the end of the most ugliest series ever seen in international cricket.Even the games played between arch rivals for example Australia vs England,India vs Pakistan hadn't seen as much bad blood as seen in this series.

First of them being the bad umpiring decisions from fellow umpires-Mark Benson & Steve Bucknor,followed by some unnecessary appealing from the Australians-especially from Ricky Ponting for the catch of Sourav Ganguly.Next comes the uttering of the "M-word" from Harbhajan Singh to Andrew Symonds in the very same Sydney test.The episode posed a threat of India withdrawing from the tour,untill Harbhajan's punishment was reduced to a petty fine.

Finally there was some relief for the Indians after they won the Perth Test.Once again in the fourth test at Adelaide,the Indians showed that they are no less compared to the Aussies when it comes to make an issue,for they were found to settle with a draw by batting the entire fifth day and not allowing the Australian batsmen to take to the crease.

Then came the Commonwealth bank series which also feature Sri Lanka.Even the Sri Lankans were not spared.An incident of throwing eggs at Muttiah Muralitharan just showed that the Aussies are just untolerable!

Then comes the situation where Symonds appeals for a grounded catch of Chamara Silva in the third ODI.Then the Ishanth sharma showing Symonds the way to the pevilion.Shortly there was Matthew Hayden who called Harbhajan Singh "An Obnoxious weed" in a radio interview.

All these episodes could be forgiven,but for this ugly one.A man getting naked and entering into the ground in not one,but in both the final games between India and Australia-wherein the security men had to get a towel.

Even is this also a trick by the Australian fans to get the attention off from the onfield action? can never get worse than this I believe...With Australia looking anxious about their security concerns during their tour of Pakistan shortly,the entire world has seen the security given to sub continent teams-India & Sri lanka.

Putting the past behind us,lets all hope that these ugly incidents never occur in future cricket tournaments.Else,the cricket stadium can rather be called a kindergarten- where little children quarrel over petty issues.

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